About us

We’re strategists of innovations and novel solutions, our teams consists of experienced specialists. Our consultants have rich experience in public relations, media relations, events realisation and on-line activities. Experience and passion are our recipe for success – our adventure with relations continues now for over 15 years and we are still full of fresh ideas.

Who is behind MintPR?

Magdalena Krakowczyk


PR and communication expert. Manager with many years of international experience gained in leading PR agencies in London and in corporations in Poland.

Why MintPR

By working with us you’re gaining a complex and versatile services. We will take care of every aspect of communication that you need.


  • We will carry out a professional audit to understand your expectations, strengths and weaknesses, your vision for the brand and how is it perceived outside and inside your organisation.
  • We will effectively build or strengthen the awareness of your brand.
  • We will enhance the recognition of your company.
  • We will help you to plan and implement your communication strategy which will be adequate and natural to your brand.


  • We will create beautiful designs and introduce even the boldest conceptions.
  • We will conduct advertising campaigns in the social media.
  • We will organise intriguing events.
  • We will provide service for even the most extraordinary communication and promotional activities.

How do we work?

Collaboration with us is as easy and pleasant as brewing fresh mint.

Four easy steps

Step 1 - The choice

Every brand is different, that’s why we start every cooperation with a meeting. Yes, just as there are many types of mint, we have various solutions for your business. We know from our experience that a face-to-face meeting is the best way to learn about your expectations, vision and needs. Let’s get to know each other and choose what kind of mint do we want to brew together.

Step 2 - Submersion

One has to pour hot water over the chosen leaves. We will start with the research to find out what people think about your brand right now. We carry out audit and monitor all the channels of communication and the response to your content. MintPR’s actions aim for a situation in which the image of your brand is consistent with owners or management board’s vision. To achieve that we have to know what do your clients and third parties think about it.

Step 3 - Brewing

Mint is not supposed to be brewed too long, nor too short. The time for brewing is just perfect to think about the exact steps which we need to undertake next. With the knowledge about the strengths, weaknesses and your needs, we can develop a solid strategy answering to the needs of your company.

Step 4 – Salute!

When the strategy is accepted, we start introducing it. It doesn’t mean though that from now on our work will become imitative – our job is to react to the reality within the framework of a chosen strategy and sometimes modify it as an answer to the ever-changing trends. Just like when drinking mint – as it cools off, every sip tastes differently.

If you want to join our team and work in a creative atmosphere, gain experience and broaden your knowledge every day, email us. We are always looking for new talents!